Cultural, legal, economic and social system variances often have profound impacts on foreign companies doing  business  in  the  People ' s  Republic  of  China("the PRC"),      which  has  customs  and  traditions exceptionally different from that of the western nations

    Beijing  Professional  Business Law Office was established in 1996 for the purpose of facilitating foreign companies  doing business  in  the  PRC,  and to assist the PRC entities¡¯ foreig n transactions . At present, Beijing Professional Business Law Office has more than thirty Chinese lawyers.

   Staffed with the PRC licensed attorneys, Beijing Professional Business Law Office offers legal services of high quality in the areas  of  foreign  investment,   project financing,   joint ventures,   banking,  international commercial transactions,  real estate,  tax,  intellectual property,  commercial arbitration and litigation before all the PRC courts, arbitration tribunals and provincial and local government agencies.

    Fluent in Chinese,   English,   Japanese  languages,   some  of  our attorneys  have years of  experience of practice,   and have either  additional foreign law degrees or  extensive  working  experiences  in  foreign  law firms. Because of this unique qualification, Beijing Professional Business Law Office provides the best legal and government relation services in the  PRC for international clients,  based on the profound understanding about the legal systems of both the PRC and the western world.

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