Among other areas, Beijing Professional Business Law Office specializes in the following areas of legal services:

Foreign Investment in the PRC
    Attorneys at Beijing  Professional  Business Law Office have been providing legal services in  this  area for more than ten years.   We are experienced  in   consulting  on  project  feasibility studies,   drafting and negotiating  joint   venture   contracts,   preparing   articles  of  association  and  other   relevant  contracts, consulting on PRC laws and regulations, drafting and reviewing corporate documents for foreign investors, assisting  tax planning and rendering opinions on labor  and welfare  issues  for joint  ventures and  wholly foreign owned venture projects .   Our attorneys  have also extensive experiences in other forms of foreign investment in the PRC, such as project financing and contractual ventures.
    Our attorneys  specialize in corporate and commercial law,  and offer a full range of legal  and  business skills to domestic and international clients on corporate matters. Besides  general  contract  and  corporate governance matters,   our  corporate  services  include  drafting documents  and consulting on  corporation structure, financial structure,   registration and licensing, mergers and acquisitions,   securities laws,  trade, liquidation and bankruptcy.   Because of our extensive foreign related practice experience,  we provide full corporate law services for international  clients regarding joint ventures,   wholly  foreign  owned  ventures and project financing matters.  In addition,  the  successful  practices  in  international  trade  and  maritime areas awarded our attorneys valuable experience  and knowledge  about Incoterms,   letters of credit,  trade customs, banking, and various international contracts for the sale of goods.
Arbitration and Litigation
    Attorneys  of  Beijing Professional Business Law Office   are   qualified   to   represent   domestic   and international   clients   before  all PRC courts,   arbitration   tribunals  or  government  agencies in any legal controversy.   Our  attorneys  are  especially  well  experienced  in  complex  commercial  arbitrations  and litigations. Our intensive knowledge of foreign law, international trade customs, and foreign languages, is a major plus for foreign clients involving disputes in the PRC or which require interpretations of the law  of the PRC.   We also provide puissant assistance to clients involving arbitration  and litigation in the United States, European countries and Hong Kong by our affiliated foreign firms.   We are proud of our record of success in representing clients in mediations, arbitrations and litigations.
Tax Services
    Our attorneys are  highly  qualified and experienced in  taxation  who  advise and  represent  commercial (both  for-profit  and  not-for-profit )  and  foreign  investment  clients  in  a  wide  range  of   matters.    A substantial portion of  the  tax  practice  at  Beijing  Professional  Business  Law   Office  involves  the  tax planning  of  various  business  transactions,   including  privileged  tax  treatment  for  foreign  investment, corporate  reorganizations,   formation  and  purchase  of  businesses ,  real  estate  syndications,   sale   of corporate assets or liquidation of businesses, international transactions and  use of tax treaties,   formation of not-for-profit  organizations  and  qualification for tax-exempt status.   Such  planning  usually  includes analyzing the tax consequences of a particular course of conduct, developing alternatives  where  desirable, rendering tax opinions and,  when necessary,   obtaining  favourable  treatment  rulings  from  the  taxation authorities. Our tax attorneys also handle adversarial matters--from audit, to administrative appeal,  to tax litigation.
Real Estate
    Our attorneys are active participants in the real estate development in the PRC by providing consulting services to clients about projects and relevant laws  and  regulations.   We  have  successfully  represented many large foreign investments in  the PRC  real estate  development  and are well experienced  in  drafting and negotiating relevant documents,  arranging tax plan,  assisting  clients  in  real  estate  related  corporate matters,    land  use  and  transfer  transactions,  closing procedures,  title registrations and  various  leasing agreements.
International Financing
    Our attorneys have experiences of representing major PRC banks and foreign financial   institutions   in project financing structure arrangements,   consulting   in   financing   methods,   representing   lenders   or borrowers,   participating  in financing contract negotiations,   including   bank   loans,   syndicated   loans, government and international finance institution loans,   mortgage  loans and various financial leases of real estate or equipment.
Intellectual Property
    Our  attorneys  contribute to the  accomplishment  of   the PRC  intellectual  property  legal  frame  by providing services in patent, trademark and copyright laws of the PRC.   We   offer   clients   full   service ranging from patent or trademark registration to complex infringement litigation under the law of the PRC.
Broad international cooperation with foreign law firms
    Beijing Professional Business   Law Office also has cooperative relationships with various   law firms in the United States, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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